Bloc 2 – Present Your Project


This second training bloc covers fundamentals of staging, visit and presentation in VORTEK Spaces. Outdoor environments,  sun positioning and adjustment, lighting good practices including lighting fundamentals, light positioning, types, camera effects, and reflections. Second half will focus on video visits and images production including details on parameters and best practices regarding viewpoints, framing and project selling.

  • Outdoor environment (sun, background/skybox, etc.)
  • Lights
  • Reflections
  • Parameters and camera effects
  • Viewpoints positioning
  • Walkthrough/animations
  • Parameters: resolution, AA, video encoding, etc.
Multimedia Production
  • Photos
  • Video recording
  • Transitions
  • 360 videos recording
  • Gallery and sharing

Training format: private & remote
Duration: half day
Date & time: upon your availability