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VORTEK Spaces Services

What you see is what you get. Most 3D rendering software are difficult to learn because they focus on technical challenges. With VORTEK Spaces you will be good to go within an hour. That being said we get services to help make the most out of it.

Custom Branding
Your logo, your colors

Add your own branded intro and conclusion to every video, and a watermark for every image. ​

Add your own logo and branding to every video or image you create with VORTEK Spaces: this will elevate your customer experience and will promote your company and expertise by letting your customers spreading your know-how through emails, on facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any other social network.

  • VORTEK Spaces logo intro animation in videos will be replaced by your own
  • VORTEK Spaces logo in videos ending will be replaced by your own
  • Your company website address will be added to videos ending
  • VORTEK Spaces logo watermark in screen captures will be replaced by your own
Take a look at some examples of intros and conclusions created for our customers :

See more examples on our YouTube playlist.

  • LIMITED TIME OFFER: Option VORTEK Spaces Branded Material is one-time fee and not an extra charge on your subscriptions.

    Buy it now and then follow the steps to provide your logo and select your animation from template. Allow 48-72h average lead time for the production of the custom animation for approval.

3D Interior Design Services

Send us your CABINET VISION, SketchUp and will create a 3D walkthrough of your project in no time: images and videos. 

New project to present and you don’t have resources, time or expertise available at the moment? Our support team can help you out right away!

We have interior design, 3D modeling and animation expertise in-house. This expertise allow us to create quality 3D models and materials for the VORTEK Spaces libraries, create marketing content and work on special projects to push the limits of VORTEK Spaces everyday. 

Our team worked on various projects for TV shows and designers like you. Here is a glimpse of our work:





See more portfolio on our YouTube playlist.

  • Turn your project into a high-impact 3D walkthrough! Share your interior project with us and we will create quality images and videos in no time with VORTEK Spaces.​

    • Share your project and moodboard​
    • We can start from scratch with a 2D CAD drawing, but sending us your .vok file from CABINET VISION or SketchUp works best. Contact-us if you are using another software​
    • 10 images ​
    • 2 video visits (2 sets of materials selection)​
    • 360 videos available (optional)​
    • Allow 48-72h average lead time​​

    * Pricing valid for standard one-room projects: kitchen, bathroom, walk-in

Need support tailored to your specific needs?​

Have a complex or custom project to discuss? Wondering if our team can help?​ ​ ​

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