21 November 2023

Release Notes

Release notes – January to June 2023

Here are the latest updates, additions, and information not to be missed on VORTEK Spaces!


Welcome ClosetPro Users

If you would like to import your files from the ClosetPro software, you can now do so by exporting your files in GLB format. Also, explore our 3D models of wardrobe accessories and clothing.


Simplified Integration of Windows and Appliances

Integrate windows and household appliances into your walls, countertops, and cabinets without needing to preconfigure the exact locations in your 3D modeling software.

Our intelligent auto-drilling tool is available both as primitive objects and is also included in several 3D models from our library.


Bigger is better

The full-screen feature enables you to see your entire project without the menu interface getting in the way.



Support : Three ways to reach us

  • Need quick support ? Chat directly with one of our agents. If no one is online when you leave a message, rest assured, someone will get back to you as soon as possible. 
  • You can also write directly to support@vortekspaces.com
  • To speak directly to an agent, dial +1-844-986-7835


Show us your projects !

Now is the time to shine! Please send us your most beautiful projects in VOK project. Our team will select specific projects, and among those received, we will take sequences of chosen projects and share them on our social media networks. This is an excellent opportunity to show everyone what you are capable of!

Please email us at à info@vortekspaces.com with the Subject My Spaces project.


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