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VORTEK Spaces does for 3D rendering what smartphones do for non professional photographers

What you see is what you get. Most 3D rendering software are difficult to learn because they focus on technical challenges. With VORTEK Spaces you will be good to go within an hour. That being said we are offering tutorials, free webinars and complete online training as a turnkey solution.

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Turnkey Training

Training courses are private, online and offered as turnkey training. ​Half-day and max 10 trainees is the preferred format for efficient collaboration and coaching. 

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Some of the most common questions asked by our user community . 

Answers to most frequently asked questions (FAQ): although VORTEK Spaces is very easy and intuitive, you will find in this FAQ some of the most common questions asked by our user community .

Visit the FAQ page here: vortekspaces.com/faq

Need training tailored to your specific needs?​

Need private or small group custom courses sessions? Need additional SketchUp, Cabinet Vision or other training?​ ​ ​

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