Workshop / Team Training


New to VORTEK Spaces and want to make sure you and your team are as efficient as possible day one? With this 4-hour training you will know everything you need to get the most out of VORTEK Spaces. The workshop is 4 blocs with 10 minutes breaks, every trainee will received personalized tips & tricks.

Hour 1 – Introduction & First Project
  • Introduction
  • Installation & updates
  • Support
  • Tutorials
  • First use
  • Good practices with your CAD software
  • How to export and synchronize a project from your CAD software
  • Start menu, manage your projects
  • Import your project
  • Navigating Spaces
  • How to pick materials & best practices
Hour 2 – 3D Models
  • 3D models overview
  • Available 3D models
  • Mirrors
  • Place, rotate, scale & edit 3D models
  • Saving copies of 3D models
  • How to import your own 3D models
Hour 3 – Staging & Advanced Features / Director 101

Staging & Advanced Features

  • Re-import your project (update/synchronize)
  • Having two versions of the same project
  • Staging your project
  • Light placement and live adjustments
  • Render settings
  • Reflection probes
  • Emissive materials

Director 101

  • Viewpoints for pictures
  • Virtual visit playback, options & transitions
  • Recording options
  • Best practices
  • 360 videos recording
  • How to share your images and videos
Hour 4 – Let’s Create a Project Together

During the last hour of the training, we will be working on a project with all the participants. With live answers to questions from the participants.

Training format: private & remote
Duration: half day
Date & time: upon your availability