1 November 2020

Info Spaces

Info Spaces – November

Here is our Info Spaces newsletter to keep you informed on novelties and everything you need to know to get the most out of VORTEK Spaces. 

New Tutorials : Watch It for the First Time or Watch It Again

We recently created a new series of online tutorials in order to help new users or simply to refresh your memory. A couple minutes well invested! 

Consult Our Training Program

Want to master VORTEK Spaces or deepen your knowledge? Here’s our training program: each bloc are half-day training courses, private and online. Date and time are set upon your availability. The training sessions are live with our selected experts, and can be joined solo or as a group of employees. 

  • Visit our website under the tab Learn 
    • Bloc 1 : Basics 
    • Bloc 2 : Present Your Project
    • Bloc 3 : Rendering / Advanced Presentation
    • Bloc 4 : Advanced Features
    • Bloc 5 : Virtual Reality (VR)
    • Bloc 6 : Marketing & Sales
    • Bloc 7 : Efficient Modeling with SketchUp
    • Bloc 8 : Efficient Modeling for VORTEK Spaces with Cabinet Vision

VORTEK Spaces : One App That Supports Them All!

VORTEK Spaces can import from several software at the same time. Get all the benefits of every software such as SketchUp, Cabinet Vision and more in a single VORTEK Spaces project.

  • Import from Cabinet Vision, SketchUp, but also COLLADA, DXF files and more!
  • Contact us for more information 

Pro Tip : Reflections

Reflections are a must to bring up the visual realism in your project. Simple but high impact tunings are often not used. Here’s a tip to obtain perfect reflections!

Offer the Virtual Reality Experience With Your VORTEK Spaces

VORTEK Spaces offers a scalable customer experience without having to change anything in your workflow, the way you are used to work with VORTEK Spaces. Life-size 1:1 visualization will make your customers believe they are walking in their future project and truly perceive space & depth. At design time : see the project the way you have seen it.

3D Accessories Library

As you may already know, it’s now possible to add and import 3D accessories in Spaces. Our team of 3D artists is working hard for you to add a wide selection of ready to use and high quality 3D accessories  to your projects. At launch we already had more than 40 000 Wayfaire products in our library and you can already import your own 3D products.

By the end of November we will massively deploy new 3D product collections on a regular basis.

Here’s a preview of the forthcoming collections :

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Walk-in
  • Office

Add Personality to Your Presentations

With the option Branded Material you will be able to add you animated company logo at the beginning of every video created as long as you stay subscribed. All video ending will also be customized with your own and all images will have you logo watermarked.

Technical Support

  • Need help right away? chat with one of our agent. If everyone is offline at the moment, we will follow up as soon as possible
  • Contact us directly at support@vortekspaces.com
  • Need to speak with support: call +1-844-986-7835


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