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Answers to most frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Although VORTEK Spaces is very easy and intuitive, you will find in this FAQ some of the most common questions asked by our user community . We also offer tutorials, free webinars on a regular basis and complete online training courses.


Can’t find the answer to your question? Contact the sales or support departments in the online chat.

What is the procedure to create a user account?

  • To use VORTEK Spaces, you first need to start your subscription on the website
  • Once the subscription launch, you’ll receive an activation e-mail for your license.
  • Choose a password for the application, this one can be different from the password used for the transactional website. 

What are the system requirements to use VORTEK Spaces?

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 10
  • Processor 4 Cores 2.0 GHz
  • 4 GB Ram
  • Integrated or Dedicated Graphic Card : Intel HD Graphics 5000 or superior
  • 40 GB Disk Space available

Recommended Requirements 

  • Windows 10 64bits
  • CPU with benchmark score of 2000 or higher here
  • 16 GB Ram or more
  • Dedicated graphics card with benchmark over 6000 here
  • 60 GB Disk Space available

*Rendering 2K and 4K videos require a minimum of 6gb of dedicated memory on the graphics card.

*Using a SSD drive to save & store your projects will also reduce the loading and saving times.

*VORTEK Spaces can run on a Mac computer only if it has a version of Windows installed, but we do not officially support it.


New PC purchase: If you are looking at upgrading or getting a new computer to run VORTEK Spaces, do not hesitate to ask for advices:

How to process an online payment for my subscription?

  • At the end of the free trial, connect to your online account
  • Click on My Subscription
  • Click on Payment and enter your payment informations 

See this video for more details:

How to update my payment method for my renewal?

  • To update your payment information, you need to connect to your account
  • Click on Payment methods.
  • Click on Payment and enter the payment information.

See this video for more details:

How to begin my free trial?

  • To begin a free trial, you need to go here :
  • You will be able to use the application completely for a period of 15 days. No payment method is required at this step.
  • At the end of the trial period, you can connect again to your account to enter a payment method. 

How to install VORTEK Spaces on my computer?

You can install VORTEK Spaces from the apps store Microsoft Store available on Windows 10.

Note that you don’t have to connect to your Microsoft account in the Store to download VORTEK Spaces application.

Can I install VORTEK Spaces on more than one computer with my subscription?

VORTEK Spaces can be installed on as many computers as you like. However one subscription corresponds usually as one user and this user can connect on one VORTEK Spaces application at the same time. 

Subscriptions with multiple users or licenses is also offered.

What type of 3D files are supported by VORTEK Spaces?

Here are the 3D files supported by VORTEK Spaces:

  • Cabinet Vision (.vok)
  • SketchUp (.vok)
  • COLLADA (.dae)
  • glTF (.glb)
  • DXF

How to install the VORTEK Spaces extension on SketchUp to be able to import my projects?

You can install VORTEK Spaces extension on SketchUp for free when visiting Extension Warehouse from SketchUp.

See this video for more details:

Is it necessary to install a plugin or extension to import my CABINET VISION projects?

Good news, you don’t have anything to install: the export of VOK (VORTEK Spaces format) is included in CABINET VISION 9.0 and the more recent versions. 

All the users from CABINET VISION 2021 can export natively to DXF 3D, you need to have xRendering or Photovision module to export a VOK.

  • To export, go in the 3D screen, click on Utility tab and Export Collada.
  • Once the window is opened, chose the VOK export format ans save. 

How to share my VORTEK Spaces projects to my colleagues?

What there is to know is that the VOK file exported by your favorite CAO software doesn’t include the materials, 3D models, lighting adjustements, etc. made in VORTEK Spaces.

To share your VORTEK Spaces project and all the arrangements created:  

  • Go to the home screen with all your projects
  • Click on the right button of the mouse on your chosen project 
  • Choose Share

You will then generate a file .VOKproj which contains the designs of your project.

How to import a design from another project?

When for example, you want to present two versions of the same project but with modifications from one to another. 

  • Begin to make the first version of the project in VORTEK Spaces 
  • From your favorite CAO software, export a new VOK and open it as a new project in VORTEK Spaces 
  • Click in the save menu at and click on Import a design.

The materials, lights, 3D models, etc. will be apply in your new project. 

I can't find a supplier or a specific product in the materials or 3D model libraries provided. Where can I find this product to use it in my project?

Independently from the app updates, we are constantly updating the materials and 3D model libraries. Don’t hesitate to communicate with us to share your demands: we are here for you! 

You want to use a picture from a material unavailable in the library? It’s possible to import your own pictures.

See this video for more details:–8?t=2m50s

Is there any keyboard shortcuts in VORTEK Spaces?

Yes, the keyboard shortcuts will allow you to work more rapidly and efficiently to navigate and apply the operations in the application. Go to the keyboard-shortcut’s page to access to our new memory aid which contains the resume of the different shortcuts and possible actions.

Where can I find tutorials, training courses and webinars?

Need training tailored to your specific needs?​

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