6 May 2024

Materials and 3D models

New materials and 3D models – January to March 2024

Here are the latest additions on materials and 3D models not to be missed on VORTEK Spaces!


Salt International

This Miami-based company offering a wide range of colors and textures inspired by Italian style is now available in our cabinets category.


Updated Dekton®

Discover the new colors of our updated Dekton® countertops!  Try out the elegant stone pattern of Bergen, the luxurious cream clouds of Arga or Laurent’s spectacular gold veins in your next creation.


Renwil mirrors

We give you more mirror shapes and colors with our addition of the Renwil brand! Enjoy the highly realistic reflections of our mirrors applied to a selection of Renwil’s great collection.



Kohler, now in your bathroom

You can now bring the bold look of Kohler to your bathroom! Explore our selection of baths, toilets, sinks, faucets and accessories in our bathroom fixtures subcategory.


Rubi by Soligo

Bring style and elegance to your kitchen with the Rubi faucets!



If you want to give a nice touch of personality to your next kitchen, surprise your client with our new Café appliances. The matte white and brushed bronze finish is sure to give your design a distinctive style.


More doors

Did you know that you can insert your doors directly in VORTEK Spaces? All doors come fully equiped with a wall piercer and an opening state animation to give you full control on the look you want! We now give you more door options with our latest additions of Intermat interior doors and a selection of farmhouse sliding doors.


Textured glass

You asked, we answered! Adding glass doors to your cabinets will be easier than ever with our wide variety of textured glasses.


And much more!

Don’t miss the new Soligo collections : Glacé, Pigmento and Färgblock.

To all our New Zealand clients, make sure to have a look at the updated Prime panels category, which now contains Durasein, Wilsonart and Ultraglaze colors.

North american users, we give you the Prestolam Velour Touch colors.

And when you will create your next laundry project, don’t forget to check the new washers and dryers in the appliances category!



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Show us your projects!

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Please email us at à info@vortekspaces.com with the Subject My Spaces project.


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