Keyboard Shortcuts

An Easy Way to Be More Efficient

To download a pdf version: keyboard-shortcut


Go from a tab to another (3D Models, Materials, Staging, Visit, Gallery)

Close the menu


Lateral movement in the project


Cancel the last change


Redo the last change


Save the project



Slower travel speed in the project


Turn the view


Move in panoramic

Move forward/backward


Move in orbit around the project


Turn the model anticlockwise direction of 15°

Turn the model clockwise direction of 15°

Turn the model anticlockwise direction

Turn the model clockwise direction

Activate the follow function to force the model to stick to the surface

Activate the scale mode

Activate the moving tools of a model

Erase the selected model

Create a copy of the selected model

Activates the gravity on a 3D Model when available


Add 3D models at the active selection


Close a menu or deselect a menu

Return from a level in materials  


Add components/surfaces at the active selection


Select only one cabinet/element/surface   


Add surfaces at the active selection


Add a new light

Erase the or several selected lights


Add or delete lights in a group. The added light will automatically have the parameters of the other lights in the group.



Start and stop the virtual visit