Bloc 4 – Advanced Features


3D models addition to projects such as accessories can bring life to the environment allowing end customers to see themselves within their future project and better understand spaces. Bloc 4 provide an in-depth look at the 3D models library, how to import new models and best practices. Bloc 4 include also review of advanced features and multiple projects management.

3D Models
  • 3D models library
  • 3D file formats
  • Importing new models
  • Drag & drop, translation, rotation, scaling, gravity/physics
  • Portals and downloads
  • Managing models across multiple projects
Expert Mode: Advanced & Beta Features
  • Project Management
  • Expert mode features
  • Advanced features
  • Soundtracks
  • Etc.
Workshop: Bring Your Own Project
  • A to Z project: from Cabinet Vision ou SketchUp to producing visuals with VORTEK Spaces
  • Exporting projects and sharing with users: VOK, VOKproj and backups

Training format: private & remote
Duration: half day
Date & time: upon your availability