Bloc 3 – Rendering / Advanced Presentation


This third bloc focus on 3D rendering and advanced presentation. With examples from photography fundamentals create much better visuals and add high impact to your project presentations. This bloc covers various aspect including field of views, camera angles, viewpoints positioning and video visits good practices. Part of the course will also be dedicated to advanced lighting parameters, IES lighting  profiles, and creating night and day environments.

Photography 101
  • Field of view
  • Focal point
  • Straight vertical lines
  • Room by room positioning
  • Shadows and contrast
  • Filters and post-processing
Director 101
  • Project highlights (architecture, design, materials, accessories, etc.)
  • Natural lighting
  • Background
  • Eye adaptation effect
  • Visit/presentation duration
  • Transitions
Interior Lighting for Designers 101
  • Lighting based on application (residential, bureau, commercial, hospitality, institutional, common spaces)
  • IES  profiles and types
  • Temperature standards
  • Natural lighting
  • Day and night scenes

Training format: private & remote
Duration: half day
Date & time: upon your availability