Bloc 1 – Basics


This bloc covers fundamentals from installation to first projects production. This includes but not limited to exporting from CAD software, sharing and managing your files, overview and user interface and importing your first project and built-in materials selection.

CAD Software
  • SketchUp Extension and tips
  • Cabinet Vision export and tips
  • File format .vok
  • Sharing and file sharing 101
  • Automatic updates (Microsoft Store)
  • Content updates (materials and 3D models)
  • Projects list / Inspirations
  • Tabs: 3D Models, Materials, Staging, Visit, Gallery, Virtual Reality (VR)*
  • Application settings
  • 3D navigation fundamentals
First Project
  • Import your project
  • Associate source project and synchronization
  • Materials – Material library
  • Materials – Selection, Favorites, In Design
  • Materials – Translation, rotation, grout
  • Materials – Edit
  • Materials – Import image

Training format: private & remote
Duration: half day
Date & time: upon your availability